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Our History

Middletown Christian Schools recognizes the authority of God’s Word and exists as a ministry of Grace Baptist Church to assist Christian families in fulfilling their Biblical responsibility to educate their sons and daughters in the light of the Word of God, to develop Christian character, citizenship and a love for God and country.  The doctrinal position of Middletown Christian is that of Grace Baptist Church.

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Through Grace Baptist Church, we are blessed with a rich heritage.
Here is a brief synopsis of our history:

The ’70′s

In 1971, a proposal originated to start a Christian school out of Grace Baptist Church on Wilbraham Road in Middletown where Rev. Howard Sears was Pastor. The proposal went before the church for a vote and was approved.  The doors were opened for Pre-School in March of 1972. In September that same year, the doors were open to Kindergarten through the 12th Grade. The 1973 graduating class had two students.  On July 8, 1973, the church and school moved to a new property at its current location at 3023 North Union Road in Middletown.  The school was also chartered by the state of Ohio and by the end of the decade, a gym had been added to the building and Boys’ and Girls’ sports were in full operation.

The ’80′s

The school joined the Ohio Athletic Association. The site was prepared and a metal structure was purchased to house a new education building. Two graduates returned to the school as teachers. The first class of students to attend MCS from Kindergarten through 12th grade graduated.

The ’90′s

The first second generation student graduated. A new floor was added to the gym. The school’s chapter of National Honor Society continued to grow. The baseball field was renovated. The Junior High moved to their own campus at Trinity Baptist Church. A track team was added. The “Millennial Vision” campaign was kicked off with three phases. First, to build a separate Daycare – Preschool facility to help free up space. Second, to renovate the preschool area to accommodate classrooms. Third, to complete the building on the hill to house all of Middletown Christian Schools.

The New Millennium

The Ethel P. Sears Pre-School & Daycare was dedicated on May 7, 2000. New classrooms were constructed in the wing that the preschool formerly occupied. The Middletown Christian Schools Foundation was set up to handle fund-raising efforts for the new building. A new building, consisting of the elementary wing, middle school wing, cafetorium, music room and office complex, was dedicated on August 14, 2002.  A gymnasium that includes multiple courts, curtain divider, and bleachers to hold seven hundred fans was completed in 2004.  A Life Skills facility emphasizing sewing and culinary and an additional music room and classrooms were added in 2008.  The high school wing with a biology lab was started in 2012 and completed in the summer of 2013.  The entire high school transitioned from the church building to the school, during the 2013-14 school year.